Social media has become a favorite platform for medical treatment

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, my thyroid and my weight is causing. How can I reduce weight? ' "I do not have any illness on the day - the day of my hair is white. At the age of only 29, is this normal? " 'urine infection is a problem for me for the past ten years. But no improvement was not enough to cure. Give advice. "

These questions are not part of the conversations on any medication. The clinic's online chat service, bypassing the long line to get the patient the doctor, the doctor may put his question and indicating the proper treatment is not immediately available. Today the Internet and social media platforms through many of these have been established. The only health - care facility for the purpose of providing padavanam Facebook page and Twitter account, and it became more frequent health-related information - are exchanged. others about their illness is any confusion, we are taking the help of online clinic. "Health Cafe 'Facebook types of co - ordinator gynecologist Dr. Darshana Thakkar says," In view of our changing lifestyles, people are required to bring health awareness, especially the new generation. If you stay in touch with them, Facebook them through the 'Healthy Living' Am bhanavavanam of the lessons. " Dr. Thakkar says that it is social media is an important tool. improve people's health or the health of understanding a little effort can be successful if there is such. Doctors across the same purpose on Facebook and Twitter now have many active. Through his personal account or the account name to another on the subject of health, healthy life instructions are posted on. With their problems through the social media platform to express, which is in front of them to get the right advice. 'Self-care', 'hilakona, successful social media pages such as those with large amounts of the' Like 'and' Follow 'is. Moreover, many doctors to take apointamenta apps are also available. 'hilakona a global online portal which includes more than 10,000 physicians worldwide are connected. Doctors who have registered on the platform of the country's problems, suggesting solutions. What medicine to take, what to report, or to the doctor, you can get all the same information. Dr. Parth Mankad it is the 'hilakona "is registered in the states," Clinicians using such online, making it easier to deliver medical care to people around the world. The media simply to spread awareness and to seek help. Please speak to your doctor about any health problems you need to get proper treatment. "

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