Bigg Boss 8 Breaking: Salman Khan Saves Sonali Raut From Getting Evicted

 Saturday night brought some fun and happy moments for the Bigg Boss 8 contestants. AsComedy Nights With Kapil team entered the house to entertain the housemates. The housemates seemed very energetic on Saturday, while Salman Khan took off, as it was his Birthday. (Bigg Boss 8 With Kapil Sharma: Sonali, Karishma And Dimpy’s Hot Item Number)
On Sunday for the Weekend ka Vaar Salman was back for the eviction. But there have been some changes in the eviction.
We confirm you that even after Sonali Raut was to be evicted on Sunday according to the votes, but Salman Khan saved her saying it is his birthday week and he doesn’t want anyone to be evicted.
With on going confusions between channel producer Endemol and Salman Khan, Endemol decided that Salman would enter the Bigg Boss house on Monday and celebrate his belated birthday with the housemates. After the cake cutting, Salman was asked to get Sonali Raut out with her and complete the eviction process, which was going to happen on Sunday.
On Sunday for Weekend Ka Vaar housemates wished Salman Happy Birthday by dancing in front of the TV that made him happy and he thanked them all.

The Show started with Salman’s question that who would be evicted tonight?
Majority of them named Sonali and Dimpy including these two ladies who took their own names. According to the contestants votes Sonali was made to sit on danger Aasan. Salman asked how her reign as a captain was? She responded saying that was pretty smooth and she enjoyed being captian.
In fact Salman questioned Dimpy, Karishma and Upen that how did they take her name to be a captain when they didn’t like her? The trio had their own sweet reasons and they claimed saying they felt she deserved to become the captain when everyone else got one fair chance.
But with all the Confusion, channel has thought to fulfill Salman’s wish, as it was his birthday and save Sonali Raut from getting evicted. So there has been no eviction this week all thanks to the Dabangg Khan.

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