Man shuts down his office system properly after an interval of ten months

Noida. Prateek Maheshwari, a techie working for an IT MNC, today properly turned off his office system for the first time in the last 10 months.
Prateek’s unusual behaviour was result of him finishing his work early, which prompted him to do what he never did since March 2014.
Power Off
Another time saving way to turn off your system.
“For the last 10 months, I have been switching between hibernate option and pressing the power button for long to turn off the system,” he revealed, “Ya, ya, I know that is pretty rude to the machine, with which I spend more time than my personal laptop. And initially I used to feel bad.”
“But dude, it is office system. Till yesterday it was with someone else, tomorrow it will be with someone else. You see, there is no deep emotional connection in this relationship,” Prateek explained why he thought his office system won’t mind not getting shutting down properly.
“The very fact that the system is running fine despite being not turned off properly in the last 10 months, means it has no problem with my behaviour,” Prateek pointed out.
“We both are mature and understand what’s happening here,” he added.
Prateek clarified that he kept his patience to ‘properly shut down computer’ and ‘safely removing pen drives’ reserved for his personal laptop.
“Patience is very scarce these days. And to be frank, given an option to choose between office system and my personal system, where I would like to spend my patience, the choice is not that difficult to make,” Prateek told Faking News, “But I’m not selfish. The system is also to be blamed.”
“It works so slow that it takes a hell lot of time to close all the browsers, all running softwares, and then properly turning it off. And if IE is open, it’s a different ball game altogether,” Prateek shared his frustration, “I can’t explain how good I feel when in frustration I keep pressing that power button till the computer shuts down, with IE still showing its tantrum to close. It feels as if I am killing a bad guy by choking him to death.”
However, Prateek is not sure when is the next time he would be turning off his system properly.
“Maybe in 2016,” he concluded, “Being generous, I wasted my time today, but not in the near future. I am planning to make it an annual event.”

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