Top 10 Fashion Trends 2015

Fashion Trend | Bustiers
Rock this risqué trend with three different looks.
Casual: Wear a bustier under a plain white shirt. Loosen up the first three buttons & pair it with skinny jeans.
Formal: Pair your bustier with a formal pantsuit for a bold, formal look.
Party: Wear a sheer top over a bustier and head out for a sassy girl's night out.

Fashion Trend | Drop Waist Dress
Drop Waist Dress

Drop waist dresses have made it back from the 20's this season. This figure-flattering dress is one of the rarest trends that can be worn by any body-type. Dangly earrings & a box clutch with a drop-waist, is a match made in fashion heaven

Fashion Trend | Geometrics

Have fun with shapes & sizes ! Squares, triangles & polyhedrons are hot in dresses & skirts. Accessories with different shapes are always a chic add-on to a simple dress.

Fashion Trend | Tartan Tee's
Tartan Tee's

The Scottish are back with tartan prints. Go crazy with tartan platforms, tee's, pants, skirts or dresses. This trend is a wardrobe must-have.

Fashion Trend | Pansuits

Bold, quirky & fun. Steam this spring with printed pantsuits! Pick your perfect pantsuits with lesser prints in satin. Pair it with a blazer to add a bit of chic class & tone down the accessories to pull off this daredevil.

Fashion Trend | Printed Pants
Printed Pants

Flaunt your legs with jaw-dropping prints. For long legs, go for cigarette-style printed pants & pair them with a short tee, corset or choli. To accentuate your lower torso, wear prints of a smaller scale.

Fashion Trend | Electric Shades
Go Electric!

Rock this spring with electric hues of green, blue & pink. Indulge in bright hues of accessories or shoes or simply pair this trend with a subtle black or white shade.

Fashion Trend | Edgy Cuts
Edgy Cuts
Go gaga with structured cuts in coats & dresses, this season. Edgy yet formal, this trend gives you a bold, exotic & sometimes an extraterrestrial look.

Fashion Trend | Pop with Peplum
Pop with Peplum

Peplum is here to stay. This elegant yet chic trend has paved it's way in coats, dresses, shirts and even Tees. Pair your peplum with electric hued stilettos & a crisp clutch for a funky formal look.

Envious Emerald
Emerald green is the color of the year! It illuminates & accentuates shapes & curves.
Be it short dresses, jeans, gowns, coats or accessories; this trend is definitely an eye popper!

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