All India Bakchod (AIB) Knockout Controversy [REACTIONS]

Your commentI clearly enjoyed the show but guys this is not the kind of program that should be available in the Public Domain like Youtube. Clearly AIB, Participants, Organisers and also those who went to see the show have not ensured that children, youth of our Country are not exposed to this kind of content and therefore they are suppose to sing in front of Law Enforcement agencies. Good thing is that hypocrisy of lot of people have been exposed and they cannot complain in future if somebody gives them their own medicines.

No doubt the show made me laugh. No doubt the people did have guts to face it publicly. But these things are good within a small group of like minded. But taking a public platform may not be a right. The good things are always good but negative things may give us initial kick but they harm us in the long run. We must understand what we are initiating in society as a part of this and what we are passing on to the next generation. Deepika recently had big problem with a news paper writing something about her but she herself was an object of making fun on her personal life. She found AIB cool just because Ranveer was there but was hurt when a news paper wrote something in similar lines. That clearly shows everything is not cool to everyone and the same thing need not be cool at different time. Personally I laughed at jokes but still I was questioning did we really need something like this? Let these dirty items be in their personal space and let the public platform be how it should be.

 AIB Knockout Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor has become a hassle of morality to a few launching their guns of wisdom to people. And while the platform of extreme madness and complete fun has taken down the particular show from YouTube, the act of criticism is attracting a lot of criticism in itself.
After Ashok Pandit, member of the current CBFC committee has garnered flaks of another level when he posted a filthy tweet regarding Karan Johar and her mother in the light of the incident; several other Bollywood stars have come out in open to share their views on the same.  
Actors like Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone who were seated in the front row during the show, took it to twitter to express their rage over the entire hoopla.
Alia Bhatt who is probably the most sporting Bollywood celebs we have today, wrote #AIBKnockout !!!!!!! What an unreal roast .. Clap clap clap @karanjohar arjunk26 @RanveerOfficial @AllIndiaBakchod outstanding !!!!!” followed by “Some "not taking life so seriously" lessons are needed. DESPERATELY!!!!”
Though the actress laughed her guts out at the show and have been doing that on every joke made on her mental abilities since always, Alia visibly raised a question that why to create fuss on something, which is about taking jokes on oneself and enjoying the life.
Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who is also often made an easy target of jokes due to her curvaceous frame and for being ‘Khamosh’ sarcastically wrote “So nice to see twitter is filled with such angels who point out hypocrisy n never use foul language n have nvr laughed at dirty jokes (haw)” on twitter.
The actress who was also targeted for possessing double standards – Deepika Padukone too took it to twitter and applaud her co-stars and AIB for creating a stupendous show. “The #AIBKnockout is the coolest funniest show I have EVER witnessed!@AllIndiaBakchod @arjunk26 @karanjohar @RajeevMasand,” she wrote.
Karan Johar, who became the severe one to be attacked by most of the criticizers expressed his stance in a single line and quoted “Not your cup of tea...don't drink it!!!”
Though both Ranveer and Arjun seem silent over the rage, the fact that they themselves have raised no objection over the entire ‘roast’ proves their point. When the celebs of such stature in the industry are not putting any objection over the jokes made on them, why people possessing extra ‘grey matter’ are unnecessarily extracting buzz out of it?

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