BRTS Ahmedabad Android Application

Ahmedabad BRTS or as it is popularly known as – Janmarg is a bus rapid system, developed by the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board, that has changed the face of public transport in Ahmedabad.
With the increase in fuel prices every week, more and more people are using the BRTS to commute around the city. Now commuting by public transport can at times be an extremely stressful and frustrating experience. No matter how many times you travel to the same destination, there are often unexpected obstacles and delays.
But in today’s tech world, there is nothing a few handy apps can’t handle, right? The BRTS Ahmedabad Android Application is one such app that allows users to search and route your journey, find a station on Google Maps
, browse bus lines and stations
 and links to other official resources of BRTS Ahmedabad. The best feature of this application is that it has a bus fare calculator, which makes this application very handy tool.
This app is available for free in the android app store and requires a minimum 2.2 android version. With the BRTS Ahmedabad Android Application installed, you will always have updated information about BRTS right in your smart phone!

Google Play Store Download Link :-

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