‘Drones’ Bringing You WC2015

Cut me, and see me bleed blue! Yes, that’s how much we love cricket. We won the last world cup, and that made our chests swell with pride and our eyes tear up with joy. This ICC Cricket World Cup, it’s not just our hopes that are flying high. The #GameKaHero is flying too, and flying right past your window!
We are the defending champs and our team needs our support at every step. The ICC Cricket World Cup comes once in four years, and even a single moment of the live action cannot be missed! But what if we are in office and unable to catch the live action? What if we are in college with no television or internet? Will we miss our team’s efforts?
Not anymore, because #GameKaHero comes to the rescue. #GameKaHero, bringing cricket right in a way never seen before!

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