Powerful Video Starring Deepika Padukone Will Change The Way You Look At Women

Sometime back Deepika Padukone spoke about her depression. This time around she speaks about the choices that every woman is entitled to. In this brilliantly made film by Homi Adajania, featuring 99 women from across different professions, she talks about how a woman’s life, and every little choice in it, is hers to choose.
This video is not just for those with regressive sexist ideologies who think rape is a woman’s fault, this is also for the modern educated man who believes in being fair to women. Is he really fair to them down to every tiny detail? Is his idea of gender equality restricted to whatever is convenient to him or whatever civil society permits? Will he never judge a woman who sleeps around by choice or for money?
This video is for everybody who has ever judged a woman, based on her gender.

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