AIB Break Down : How We Will Be Doomed Without Net Neutralit

In this brilliant video, the All India Bakchod team breaks down the issue of net neutrality in simple terms to explain how exactly our lives will be doomed without net neutrality. Telecom companies will have the Indian internet user by the umm..collar. Imagine if you have to buy a ticket every time you want to sit on a swing in a park? And buy a more expensive ticket if you want the swing to go faster! Well, this is exactly what’s going to happen if net neutrality is abolished. Whatever you want to do on the net, buy a pack for it! Snapchat pack. Twitter pack! Instagram pack! @#$hole pack! 
So, if the telecom companies are successful in getting TRAI to pass the regulation of differential princing, our lives will be screwed. Watch the video to hear the AIB guys demonstrate the apocalypse that will descend on us if net neutrality is thrown out of the window.

Still think net neutrality is just another cause and only for internet activists to worry about? Do your bit; log on to and send an email. Let’s claim our right for a free internet.

Net Neutrality has been the buzzword going around the Internet recently. A lot of Internet activists have been taking up the issue quite seriously, trying to explain to the Netizens of India and how it is being carried out and how it will affect them.
Comedy group AIB, decided to do its own version of 'educating' the viewers by painting the picture of Net Neutrality in a very comprehensive and funny manner. You're welcome.
For more info, log on to Save the Internet.

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