37 Lesser Privileged Kids Owned Vadodara Roads for One Day. Their Smiles Are Contagious!

What would happen if a bunch of kids from a lesser privileged background were given a chance to go on a ride? And not just a regular ride, but a “Joyride”, that gave them a chance to be driven around in pure luxury like Audi, Mercedes, Hayabusa and much more. Watch the video to get a glimpse of the ride that owned the Vadodara roads one day.
Too many of us stereotype those 20-something kids with expensive automobiles as rich, spoilt, world-weary and apathetic brats. It is such a myth. They do not care less than anyone of us.
Sunny Gupta, a 22-year old graduate and his friends had an intense urge and vague idea to do something genuinely good for others.

They had a spontaneous idea of organizing a car rally in the city but they didn’t know how to go about it or where to begin.

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They needed somebody to guide them. It was then that they knocked the door of The Blue Bird Foundation (TBBF) and asked for help. Rushabh Gandhi from TBBF was more than thrilled to help the budding ace’s idea.

He suggested Sunny be a part of Friendship Day’s celebration on Aug. 2, 2015 with the kids of Bal Gokulam, a children’s home in Vadodara.

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He told Rushabh that all the cars involved would be only luxury automobiles; Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers, Audis, etc. plus bikes like Harley Davidson, Hayabusa etc. and the participation of the bikers from The Bikers group of Baroda. This idea was appealing. It was decided to be executed on Friendship Day.

On the morning of 2nd August at Kabir Farm, Vadodara, the event took place with 37 little kids from Bal Gokulam and 25 cars and bikes with their respective owners.

It was a delightful sight to watch kids celebrating the day tying ‘friendship bands’ to the riders. All the kids gave their colorful hand prints along with their riders which were going to be framed by the volunteers of The Blue Bird Foundation as the memorial to be given to them with the participation certificates.

After breakfast, the wheels were on the road. Children were ecstatic to be seated in those shiny cars. They looked really excited while being driven around the city.

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After the tour of the city, when they got back, one of the riders asked the kid whether he had sat in such luxurious car before? And with the wide content smile he replied- ‘’I have never sat in a car before actually.’’ The rider just looked at him and went near him and gave him a big hug.
That answer and those glad faces were enough to tell that it was a successful event and a JOYRIDE truly.
Thanks to all the people who made it happen – Sunny, Adit, Harsh, Nishit, Rahul and Yash and also the team of The Blue Bird Foundation.
Contributed by Donna Gamit

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