Why She Dumped Him ?

What is the secret to making a woman happy? Why do men get dumped? Why do women dump them? This guy out here was really the most perfect boyfriend ever. He loved her, he cared for her, he got her gifts, he pampered her, and yet, she dumped him. Why do women do this to the nice guys?

This Women’s Day, we bring to you the story of a guy who got dumped when everything in his relationship was perfect…er...according to him. How many of you have been dumped when you thought everything was going fine between you and her? So, what is it that we guys do wrong that annoys the hell out of our women, despite our best intentions?

Last year, we tried to answer this age-old question through 7 couples who loved each other as much as they hated the other. Well, the boyfriend almost got beaten black and blue by the end of it. Check out this one:

P.S. Women, you are the most precious creatures on this earth ,and we love you to the core, but why you no happy? We give up!

Is a happy woman really a myth? Say “Hell yeah” in the comments section if you agree!

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