10 Things Relatives Say That Should Be BANNED !

We live in a society where judging others and giving advice is just like breathing ! People do it all the time. We all have relatives je loko ne apane kaik nu kaik kahya ane puchya sivay kai kaam na hoy !
We are going through a phase where things get BANNED here and there in our country. So we just wish that  certain things that relatives say should also be banned 😛

Here are 10 things relatives say that should be BANNED :

1) “Ketlo moto thai gayo che tu ! chella joyo tyare saav nano hato”We are humans and bound to grow old !!!!

moto thai gayo

2) “Beta bhanvanu keu chale ?”


3) “Beta exam ma su result avyu ?”

exam nu result

4) “Shu plans che fututre na”

future plans

5) “Taari job laagi gai ? Ke haju gher j betho/bethi che?”

job lagi k nai

6) “Tari salary ketli che?”


7) “Have taro vaaro kyare che lagan karvano ?”

taaro lagan no vaaro

8) “Love Marriage karish ke Arranged ?”

love or arranged marriage

9) “Koik sodhi kadhyu laage che.. Facebook par fota joya me”


10) “Have good news kyare aapish tu ?”

good news

These questions never end ! 😛 While so many things are getting BANNED ! We seriously that saying these things also get BANNED immediately !
Did we miss anything else which relatives say ? Feel free to comment below 🙂
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