13 Reasons why Gujarati girls are best ones to date!

“Once you date a Gujju girl, you will never go back.”  Men often hear something similar to this from other men who have dated Gujarati girls.
The Gujju Gyan presents to you a rundown of such qualities that would make you dribble and fall for the first Gujarati young lady you come across; we guarantee!

  1. Diehard Garba addict 
A standout amongst the most charming actualities of a Gujarati young lady is her perfect ability of doing Garba. So much is their rage for it; they can do Garba independent of any tune, area or time. They’ll do what needs to be done. Wake a Gujarati young lady at 4 in the morning, approach her to go along with you for a Garba and get astounded by her response!
1 garba addict
  1. Truly Beautiful and Most Attractive Ones
Did you ever came across those pretty girls you watch in Daily Soaps, 50% of them has Gujarati Girls in it. And yes, they are pretty!
The majority of them Gujarati young ladies are honored with incredible looks. Reasonable, dim or dull – be it any appearance, they pull it off like a Boss.
2 pretty gujju girl bhakti kubavat
  1. Fun Loving & Always Happy
And once again “Happy girls are the prettiest girls” – Audrey Hepburn
They will never give you a chance to wind up Sad and Lonely.
3 fun loving gujarati girl
  1. Excellent Cooks
They say the route to a man’s heart is through his mouth. On the off chance that anybody is absolutely nailing this, they’re the Gujarati girls. And so on and they’ll make it. We would prefer even not to begin posting those Gujarati rarities here. So folks, in case you’re willing to date a Gujarati young lady, one thing is without a doubt – you’re definitely going to increase some pounds of weight.
4 excellent cook gujju girl
  1. Bon Vivant
Not just do they cook well, they eat well as well! You will scarcely discover a Gujarati young lady who diets. That’s the reason food business in Gujarat is always successful!
5 foody guju girl
  1. Fearless & Self-Reliant
They’re courageous to the point that you can presumably hole up in the face of her good faith while she bashes somebody out when you arrive up in an argument.
6 fearless
Just watch the vide below, everything will be cleared out:
Additionally, a large portion of the Gujarati girls are fiercely free. They have a skill of being something awesome all alone. The biggest example is Gujarati girls living in Mumbai.
  1. Genius sense of Style
From outlining their own Cholis to giving your closet a complete makeover, any Gujarati young lady is a conceived style creator. They have an incredible taste about style.
7 gujarati sense of style
 8. Sweet Dialect
We as a whole realize that each ‘Gujarati dish is sweet’ is a myth, correct? So yes, in spite of this conviction, each Gujarati dish is not sweet, but rather we guarantee you that each Gujarati young lady is a sweet talked woman. They’ll generally have sweet things to say.
And there’s a famous Persian Proverb:
“By a Sweet Tongue and Kindness, you can drag an Elephant with a Hair”
8 gujju sweet spoken
  1. Cleanliness lover
They’re enthusiast about cleanliness. You no more need to stress over that months messy sock lying in some arbitrary corner of your room since she can’t take in a grimy room. Certainly, your mother will love her precisely in light of this and you will be spared of your Moms favorite Dialogue “ROOM TO CHOKKHO RAAKH” !
9 cleanliness freak
  1. Bargainers & Entrepreneurs
Gujarati girls will turn out to be an aid for your pockets. They’re bargainers at hearts. No, they’ll never purchase a 10 rupee pen without bargaining. They’re likewise extraordinary business visionaries. Stress not, your Gujarati young lady will never make you spend a considerable measure on her. No more worrying about Empty Pockets now!
10 bargain
  1. Green Card – yes you hear it correctly!
In the event that your fantasy is to get settled abroad, get hitched to a Gujarati young lady. Gujaratis are spread everywhere throughout the world.  Easiest way to settle abroad.
11 green card gujarati
  1. Daddies’ princesses & Daddies are Wealthy!
Who doesn’t realize that Gujaratis are the best businesspeople on earth? On the off chance that you figure out how to discover a Gujarati young lady, she beyond any doubt is to have awesome hereditary properties and furthermore, a Gujarati father can go to any tallness to see her little girl grin!
12 daddys princess gujju
  1. Posh Gujarati weddings
Lastly, on the off chance that all functions admirably and you wind up wedding your Gujarati girl, rest guaranteed, you’re wedding will be the most sumptuous wedding among every one of your companions. The reason being, Gujaratis procure a great deal just to spend it all in their weddings! They Make it look Grand!
13 gujju grand weddings
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11 green card gujarati

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