Two cyclists from Ahmedabad will pedal with message of ‘Zero Waste’

AHMEDABAD: A team of two cyclists from Ahmedabad will pedal from the city to Delhi — a distance of 1,020 km to spread the message of 'Make Your Home Zero Waste.'

The 11-day journey of Sanjeeta Singh Negi, 51, and Piyush Shah, 57, will begin from Gandhi Ashram on January 2 and will end at Raj Ghat in New Delhi. Negi said: "Zero waste is a philosophy that ensures that all products are recycled and reused. No trash is sent to landfills and incinerators. The dry waste along with kitchen waste should be given to rag pickers who can segregate it."

Negi has been a green volunteer, while Shah is a marathon runner from Gujarat who finds a mention in the Limca Book of Records for running on a treadmill for 181km in 29 hours in 2013.

"Our landfills are getting bigger and waste generation is increasing by the day. This is the story of every village, town and city of India. The problem is big, but together we can solve it. We are not talking about what big companies do and how they pollute our resources. 

We are only talking about how an individual or a house can take care of the waste that may range between half a kilo and 20 kg," said Negi.Negi said that one can use his flower pot to make manure from kitchen waste. "First soil should be put and kitchen waste should be kept over it and again covered with soil. If there is moisture, add dry leaves or newspaper waste," She said.

"A person can keep on adding kitchen waste and once it is full, it should be left to turn into manure for 20 days. This waste can be used for plants. Around 200 families in Ahmedabad have began converting their kitchen waste into manure," she added.

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