Disappointed for the Khel Ratna award, Bajrang Poona court will knock on the door

- The accusation of Indian wrestler: My achievements were overlooked
- Bajrangan did not get solid consolation despite meeting with the Sports Minister


Indian sports awards have been a controversy over the years and this time too another new chapter has been added to it. Wrestler Bajrang Poonia, who won double gold medal in Commonwealth Games and Asian Games this year, was not selected for the country's highest sporting award - Khel Ratna award.

In place of this award, the Indian team's millionaire and high-profile cricketer Kohli was selected for the award. Kohli and weightlifter Meerabai Chanu were jointly announced for the Khel Ratna award.

Wrestler Bajrang Poonia, who was disgraced for the highest honor in the country, was seen in the international competition in wrestling, on the last night, Sports Minister Rajyavardhan visited Rathore. Although there is no consolation from the government, it is believed to have started preparing to knock the court door in this matter.

The game minister said, that I did not have enough points to win the award

Wrestler Bajrang Poonia said that my meeting with the sports minister was today, but yesterday the phone was received and our meeting took place yesterday. I asked the minister, why did not my name be selected for the Khel Ratna Award. In response, he said that I did not have enough points to win the award. However, the reply of the minister is not correct. I have more points than both selected players (Kohli and Meerabai Chanu) for the Khel Ratna award, but I have been deprived of the award.

Bajrang's 80 points, Kohli score 0

When the 11-member Players' Awards committee evaluates the player's achievement for the country's highest award, then he is awarded points based on his success in international level events. There are medals in Olympic and World Championships and Asian Championship medals.

A media report has revealed that according to the achievements of sportspersons, the wrestler Bajrang Poonia and Vineesh Phogat were at the top of the number of points awarded to them. He had 80-80 points.

After that, Para Athlete Deepa Malik with 78.4 points, table tennis player Manika Batra with 65 points, boxer Abhishek Verma 55.3 and boxer Vikas Krishan with 44 points. After that Meerabai Chanu was 44 points.

While Kohli's score was 0, cricket is not a Olympic sport. The media report also states that 8 out of 11 members gave Kohli support to the name.

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