Model Meghna Patel Goes Nude For Narendra Modi And Appeals For Votes

Model Meghna Patel Goes Nude For Narendra Modi

Model Meghna Patel goes nude for Narendra Modi and appeals the people to vote for BJP’s leader in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2014. Is this what we Indians have come to be? 
Model Meghna Patel Goes Nude For Narendra Modi
We have heard of actors turning into politicians, we have heard about models claiming to shed their clothes for acricket victory by team India, but have we ever heard of a model going nude only to attract voters to vote for a particular politician? Yes! You heard that right!
After the news of Poonam Pandey claiming to go nude after team India’sWorld Cup victory, it’s the ‘Kahaani Chandrakanta Ki’ model Meghna Patel, who is making headlines along the same line.
Meghna Patel has bared it all (err… almost) for the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi.
Shedding all her awkwardness (well, she looks confident in the photograph), Meghna was seen posing for the photograph and covering her modesty with a placard saying ‘Vote For Modi’. While some reports now suggest that the model was clothed during the photo shoot, the photos and the intentions give different ideas to us.
The photographs have gone viral and have received a lot of ‘hush-hush’ negative criticism – especially from the members of the party. Apparently the incident has embarrassed the BJP, especially the Maharashtra state BJP.
Is this a publicity stunt on the part of the model, or the party? Well, the answer for this question is undetermined, but both could either of the entities could be behind this.
Meghna Patel was last seen in ‘Kahaani Chandrakanta Ki’ – a television series that aired on Sahara One TV channel and ended on March 23, 2012 (that is almost two years ago). This act can be a possible reason by the model to get an opportunity in the glamour industry, or perhaps be, in her thoughts, a shortcut to fame. The glamour industry is dynamic and follows a simple rule: ‘any publicity is good publicity’?
However, ‘any publicity is good publicity’ can now apply to politics as well, right? Of course, people wouldn’t want to see their leaders in such light, so we can also put the opposition party behind such acts.
It is very common for one party to bad-mouth the other, or see the Members of Parliament throwing chairs, stationery or pushing each other in an on-going assembly and what not! It’s not hidden that the BJP has many rival parties, with Congress being the primary one.

Model Meghna Patel Goes Nude For Narendra Modi

At the end of the day, it is evident that this was a publicity stunt, irrespective of the motive or the person/the party behind it.
Having said that, is this what we have come to be? If Meghna did this at her own discretion, why would someone shed all their clothes to appeal for vote bank or gain 5 minutes of fame? If BJP did this, then WHY? And if an opposition or a rival party did this, WHY IN THE WORLD, again?
Should we really fall to such levels of indecency? The modern era and everything aside… India is known for something significant – its culture. The culture that stresses on being nice, on being polite, on being humble, on being grounded, on being decent. We are not against people wearing short clothes and the likes, and being expressive, but public nudity is downright offensive and atrocious.
Should we be so indecent or offensive? Should we do things like this for 5 minutes of fame?

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