Hail storm like never before, Heavy rain in Ahmedabad

Even 60 years old citizens of Ahmedabad said that they had never witnessed such a massive hailstorm in their lifetime.
The city of Ahmedabad today witnessed hailstorm which will be remembered for long. Ice cubes were raining in speed continuously for over half an hour. Trees were shaking due to high velocity wind equal to mini cyclone. Big ice cubes carpeted road sides. For some minutes it was scary look as ice cubes were making too much noise. Some cars parked in open suffered crack in front glass.
Venturing outside was nearly impossible due to speedy fall of good size ice cubes. Also the water was too cold. Walking in such water was impossible beyond 30 ft. People of Ahmedabad generally have habit to witness water logging, but today’s water logging was so icy cold that it was impossible to pass through it. Street dogs were seen as worst sufferers. We witnessed couple of street dogs who were struggling to walk to safer place as their legs were not able to tolerate the ice cold water.
Due to mini cyclone, water on the ground was mixed with floating branches and leafs of trees. This was causing slow discharge of water in gutters.
The city therefore witnessed heavy water logging not just in low lying areas but on almost all roads.
This was second incident of hailstorm in Ahmedabad this year. But previous hailstorm was not so solid.
This was also the fifth round of unseasonal showers since January 1.
Remix of season is very confusing. Yesterday the morning time, and even noon time was like just another summer day with open sunny sky, but by the evening it was dark cloudy sky with light rain, chilled winds and cold.
The city of Ahmedabad today witnessed hailstorm, of course only in some pockets and just for sometime. Dholka and Gandhinagar are other nearby places that witnessed hailstorm. Parts of Gujarat are experiencing monsoon-like atmosphere for last three days due to western disturbances, with light to moderate shower being experienced in several pockets. Sky continues to remain cloudy to partially cloudy.
Indian Meteorological Department has predicted light rain or thundershowers at isolated places in Gujarat, Diu, Daman, Dadra Nagar Haveli on 15 March also. Weather will be sunny across Gujarat from 16 March onwards according to IMD bulletin.

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