Pay Rs 300 and a postage stamp to create their own photographic

Management in Ahmedabad GPO

Stamp one's self or relative, a heritage building set picture showed

Ahmedabad, Wednesday
historic place, a great entity postal stamp depicting frequently - Shadrack has been released. Marketing in the Age of Post Office postal department to reach more people for the past three years, while self to stamp out. This means that any individual hospital or favorite place to be on the postal stamp. Ahmedabad some time now at the Department of postal stamp out this part of the self.
course, now working at Ahmedabad GPO Stamp facility began during the days of the self-being. The next week, according to sources at the GPO Stamp, self-service can be started. The five self-stamp worth Rs 12 stamps will be issued and will have to pay Rs 300. GPO, one official said, "My Stamp scheme received great feedback on a regular basis, we now GPO philetelika Bureau has decided to start the service. The stamp of one's self or relative, Heritage Building, favorite animal - bird picture will be placed."Some time ago, at the self-stamps were issued from 100 to 150 people when it was coming.
Philateli The seminar was organized by the postal department. The seminar victory navalakhae said that 150 state and across the country more than five thousand philatelista Association is involved. Increasing class postal stamp collection from those that are a good sign. Postal stamp collection, 35 percent of those who are really serious about it, only about 60 percent of the five percent who are the elite class. Elite Class of 67 percent, 26 percent, and it is serious about having 7 percent of the amount it allocates to buy postal stamps. Postal stamp collection can also be found in a good financial return. "

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