Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Soares is NOT pregnant!

Here is the real truth that is EXCLUSIVELY revealing to it’s readers

The media circuit has been abuzz with rumours about Bigg Boss 8 contestant Diandra Saores being pregnant with Gautam Gulati’s child. However, let us tell you that the all these reports are nothing but awfully cheap tactics to grab the attention of the masses.
A source from the sets of Bigg Boss 8 has EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us that Diandra was taken to a hospital, but it was only for a routine checkup. “She has not been keeping well since quite a few days. It’s because of this she had to see a doctor. The pregnancy reports are disgusting and baseless.
In fact Diandra was in a playful mood and decided to use this as a prank as many didn’t know she was going out of the house for some time. She approached Gautam with a gloomy look and in a low tone said that she was going to leave the house. A little surprised Gautam asked her why to which she said for past few days she has been going through enough emotionally and a physically strenuous stage which is taking a toll on her health.
Diandra asked Gautam to keep this under wraps and not to mention this to anybody, which Gautam said wasn’t possible. Diandra pretended to be very emotional, as she walked off wiping her tears. Gautam a little confused and dicey about her words went ahead and spoke about this with Dimpy Ganguly and Praneet Bhatt. Seemingly all three fell for it.
Later Diandra came to the bedroom as she smirked at the camera saying how Gautam was talking about it with others and she was truly enjoying seeing people actually worried about her leaving the house.
All said and done, we can tell you that Diandra is certainly not pregnant. So the cheap reports can be ignored.Subscribe to me on YouTube

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