“Fair & Slim” to be replaced by “Traditional yet Modern” as the most desirable marriage characteristic

New Delhi. A recent finding by a well known commode publication has put across fascinating facts. The publication which claims to be the most important page turning pastime of nation during commode duties and squeezing for space in public transport has claimed that the most desirable characteristic that an Indian groom and his army of relatives seek for in a bride has silently evolved to being ‘Traditional yet Modern’ from being ‘Fair & Slim’.
Traditional yet modern design of mehndi.
“This is a revolutionary development and goes on to establish the society is moving away from commoditization of woman. Fair which is synonym for beautiful and slim which is another synonym for beautiful has become a standard practice which all players in the market confirm to. Therefore to make their product (read: daughter) stand out, some innovative parents have to resort to newer thoughts. This also keeps the feminists satisfied and the groom’s parents feel part of the upper middle class,” the daily’s editor-in-chief, cum brand manager was quoted as saying.
Sushil Babu, a father of a daughter says, “I spent almost a bomb on my daughter on SlimIt courses and Rehana Hussein Beauty Secrets but no avail. However, a friend told me about this new quality ‘Traditional yet Modern’ & behold, it works – there is no tangible which the groom has to measure but it gave Poonam a cutting edge and now she is happily married. I was also able to negotiate a dowry discount of 25% which is much higher than the 15% discount Gupta ji could get for his daughter’s wedding.”
Ravi Ranjan, a marketing professional and husband of Poonam agrees, “All my friends had wives who were slim & beautiful – nothing to stand out from the crowd. But with me getting married to Poonam who is, apart from these common qualities, traditional & modern has made my friends jealous of me.”
A leading cosmetic giant which is known for multitude of products in the F&L segment has confirmed it is launching a new variant of the product that has added ingredients for traditional yet modern look.
Beginning new wedding season, it plans to offer traditional and modern bindis with each product that are designed with specific care to be both traditional, yet modern.

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