AAP to outsource dharna, protests and drama to concentrate on governance if voted to power in Delhi again

New Delhi. Eyeing victory in upcoming assembly elections in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party today announced that they would outsource the dharnas and drama, that they have become synonymous with, to concentrate on governance, if voted to power again.
It should be noted that Narendra Modi in his first rally in Delhi at Ramlila Madian had askedvoters to let AAP do dharna which they are good at, while vote for BJP if they wanted development.
Although Kejriwal responded to this by claiming that they are pro at both staging dharnas and good governance, it was concluded in a meeting held by senior AAP leaders later, that they may compromise on one of these, if they took up both.
It was then decided by AAP that they would outsource the dharna, protests and drama, which would continue to be an integral part of their 49 days 5 year rule, to some third party.
Kejriwal wondering if governance would be as easy as dharnas.
Kejriwal wondering if governance would be as easy as dharnas.
“Frankly speaking, we have become addicted to it. It would be difficult to not resort to drama and do dharnas at the drop of a hat, but I want to assure people of Delhi that if voted again, we would only concentrate on good governance at least for the 5 year term that we get,” said Yogendra Yadav, “After we have made Delhi a world class city, maybe we will go back to dharna.”
“On second thoughts, I would be glad if after few hard days of serious work, a dharna once in a while by us, on a government holiday, is taken in good spirit by Delhi citizens,” he hoped.
Yogendra however disclosed that suggestion to outsource governance and concentrate on their core competency Dharna, was also floated in the meeting, but it was decided that it would be no challenge to do what they are already good at.
When asked if they have short listed any entity, whom they would outsource, AAP revealed that they were mighty impressed with fringe Hindu groups of late and may just finalize them.
“As far as drama is concerned, they should be able to handle it quite well, with the aid of print and electronic media, but we have doubts if they have it in them to be good dharnamen and anarchists as well,” wondered Somnath Bharti ruing the lack of good alternatives AAP has, when it comes to theatrics.
“But even if they manage to be half as good a night raiders as I was, we shall be happy,” he added.
Elaborating further on how the whole set up would work, Kejriwal said both governance and dharnas would happen simultaneously in the national capital.
“If these fringe Hindu groups run out of material to create ‘hungama’ on, we at AAP would then step in, have a brain storming session with them, before finalizing on issues that can be taken up for the day,” Kejriwal told Faking News.

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