Gautam Gulati is the Winner of Bigg Boss 8 Reality Show

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Has Salman Khan declared Gautam Gulati as the winner already?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Has Salman Khan declared Gautam Gulati as the winner already?

We spill the beans on what’s going on. Read on to find out!

Last week, during the finale of Bigg Boss 8, Salman Khan all but declared Gautam Gulati as the winner of the show. If the show hadn’t extended, he would have definitely walked home with the trophy. According to the ranking, Ali Quli Mirza was fifth, Dimpy Mahajan was fourth, Karishma Tanna came third, Pritam was second and Gautam was first! Sources say that Gautam led by a huge margin. For instance if he had 50 votes, Pritam who ranked second had only 11 votes. What makes Gauti, as he is fondly called by his fans, a winner? We spoke to his brother Mohit, who looks exactly like Gautam, to decode the popularity of the Bigg Boss contestant.

Fan base
To begin with, Gautam has a huge fan following and it spans across ages – from five-year-olds to 60-year-olds. Says Mohit, “I have kids coming up to me and asking about the jackets and shoes Gautam wears in the show. They are curious to know where he has bought it from. And of course his body. They want to know how he has built his physique and want to emulate it.” In Delhi, where Gautam’s family is based, kids celebrated his birthday and posted pictures on social networking sites. Mohit says that it was after the We Love Gauti task that his following among kids increased multifold.
Girls love Gauti
Not just kids, even girls are crazy about the hot dude. So much so, that, since they do not have access to Gautam, girls have been sending marriage proposals for the Bigg Boss contestant via Mohit! “Whenever I go to clubs ,I have girls coming up to me and clicking pictures with me because I look like Gautam. They tell me they want to marry my brother,” he says laughing.
Bigg Boss always looks for entertainers. And Gautam, according to Mohit, has proved himself to be one in every way. “He started out as a villain and became a hero. He even provided the romantic angle (with Diandra Soares). He has haters, but the number of people who love him are overwhelming,” reckons Mohit. In fact, Gautam has trended thrice on Twitter and emerged as the most popular contestant of the show in a survey conducted by Ormax Media. Mohit goes on to say that every time Gautam was nominated, Salman would first mention that Gauti is saved and then move on to other contestants. “That shows how popular he is,” points out the proud brother.
Wanna go home!
Talking about the extension to the reality show, Mohit says it’s unfair to the contestants who have been in the house for over two months. “They have already been under a lot of stress. When I went to meet Gautam in the house, he was feeling low and told me ‘Mujhe ghar jaana hai, I don’t want the money’. When I told him, ‘You will come home, but with the trophy’, he cheered up,” says Mohit.
The past winners of Bigg Boss:
Juhi Parmar: Season 5
Urvashi Dholakia: Season 6
Gauahar Khan: Season 7
The last male contestant win the show was Vindu Daara Singh in season 3.

 Bigg Boss 8 Winner

'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam Gulati is the

 Winner of Reality Show? Imam 

Siddique Tweets Photo from Official 


Gautam Gulati is one of the most popular contestants of season eighth of controversial reality show "Bigg Boss". And if reports are anything to go by, then he is the winner of the "Bigg Boss 8".
Last week, during the finale night, Salman Khan almost declared that Gautam as the winner of the show revealing the top ranking. Gautam had received the highest votes by 3 January and was declared the top champion. But since the show got extended, he has to play along with the other housemates until 31 January
View image on Twitter.
However, ex-contestant Imam Siddique revealed on his Twitter account that Gautam is indeed the winner of the show. The fashion designer claimed to have a photo from the official website, which says that the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor is the winner.
"#BB8HALLABOL #WINNERDECIDED #PHTOPROOFFROMCHANNELWEBSITE... @TheGautamGulati," Imam tweeted along with the photo.
Earlier, a numerologist Ashok K predicted that Gautam and Ali Quli Mirza might win the show. But Gautam is ahead of Ali in the race, Ashok said.
However, Gautam's fans have already declared him a winner on social media. After Gautam was selected as the worst Champion on Thursday's episode, his fans took to Twitter to support their favourite star.
His fans said that Champions decision to select him as the worst contestant was unfair.
@Twitfvr: The T-shirt #BB8 gave to Gautam was really a humiliating thing to do.But hats off to gautam the way he smilingly wore it.A true WINNER #BB8
Gautam Gulati
‏@NAMMYSINGH1: @ColorsTV gautam is the true winner and he will definitely win.
@TejeswiSingh: @biggbosstruth @TheGautamGulati @BiggBoss doesn't matter anyway!! Gautam has won million hearts already! He is already a winner!
@harssh8: I totally agre Gautam doesn't deserves to be one of the champions. Instead he is the sole winner of #bb8

Bigg Boss 8: Why Gautam Gulati is the winner ?

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