Injuries to Premchandnagar hit-and-run accused Vismay Shah were sustained after the public, police and media manhandled him, according to defence lawyer H M Dhruv. Dhruv tried to convince the court that Vismay was not speeding and had applied the brakes. Forensic officer Govind Vaghela had mentioned in his report that Vismay had not applied the brakes.

Dhruv further countered Vaghela's report wherein he had mentioned that with the help of few cops they lifted the BMW car and saw the marks on the wheels. "It is not possible for few people to lift the car, it needs a crane," he told the court. He left no stone unturned to convince the court that the FSL report was incorrect. He also said that, the injury marks on Vismay's body were due to the manhandling by police, people and media at the police station and hospital. "He was not injured in the accident," he argued. He tried to prove that Vismay was not driving the car.

However, the police investigations have already mentioned that Vismay was not only driving the car, but also speeding it. The next date of the hearing is fixed on June 9, 2015. Meanwhile, Vismay filed a contempt of court petition against a local newspaper accusing it of attempting a trial by media. Additional Sessions Judge P M Patel has scheduled the hearing on the petition on Tuesday. The petition states that the news item published in the media interfered with the court proceedings and encroached upon the right of the accused under Article 21 of the Constitution of free and fair trial. It further accused the media of generating unwanted public opinion against Vismay claiming that even prior to his arrest his photograph had been published and prejudiced him.

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