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So we all love fine dine and the royal feeling it gives us. But nothing can beat street food, right? There was a time when street food just meant standing next to a pani puriwala and hogging yummy pani puris. Ahmedabad has lately seen an impressive rise in food trucks. Take any part of the city and you will find people thronging one food truck hogging on some lip smacking food. We bring you some of the best Ahmedabad food wagons that we have been to and crave for their dishes every, single day. Some of these may not exactly be the proper “four-wheeled” kind of trucks in the conventional sense, but if you are up for some lip smacking food, we show you where you must head towards. There is a long list; we have picked some of the best Ahmedabad Food wagons that we know of. On your marks, set, go!          

1Salim Bhai’s Egg Buns


This man comes on a luna with a Hermione bag! Have you seen the kind of things he manages to remove from that bag?! From cupcakes to Danish rolls, this man has everything. The egg buns he serves can give popular restaurants a run for their money. Packed with boiled eggs, vegetables and ample of flavours, you cannot miss out on this guy. There are ample vegetarian options like the Aloo Tikki Burger and Vegetable burger. He has been serving the same menu for 18 years. Salim bhai is there from 3pm to 9pm or as he puts it “until the stocks last”! Grab a bite now!

Address: Gujarat University Boys’ Hostel, Gujarat University Navrangpura.

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2Stuffs: Authentic Kulchas

Ever craved for Amritsari Kulchas in Ahmedabad? This is the place where you must head to. Stuffs doesn’t offer a long list of items, but believe us, it’s worth every bite. The kulchas are light and delicious. Served with chole, pickle and 2 chutneys, one cannot have enough of these. We do feel that it doesn’t have the exact Amritsari taste, it tastes a little more Amdavadi, but it’s surely worth a try.

Address: 1st Wagon outside L.D Engineering College, Opp B.K School of Management exit gate.

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3Om Sai Paratha

This family has taken street food to the next level. If you don’t have an appointment, you cannot eat here! Yes, you have to book a table to savour their “you cannot forget the taste” kind of parathas. These are by far the most authentic, hygienic and savoury parathas we have ever had. They can easily challenge a 5 star hotel and defeat it without a doubt. But, DON’T FORGET TO BOOK A TABLE. Their Aloo paratha, cheese paratha and 5 in 1 is a must try!

Address: Om Sai Paratha, Opp Udgam School, Thaltej, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 079 65220933

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4Grill’d ‘n’ More

The city has been talking about this place for months now! These guys have officially taken over McDonalds in terms of taste and quality both. You go for their Mother Clucker Burger or their Supreme Nachos-it’s filling, hygienic and the taste so divine you won’t feel like drinking water after you have had it. Vegetarians must surely try their Red Dragon Burger (I Know! The name is Insane!). This food truck serves the best burgers in town, maa kasam!

Address: Grill’d ‘n’ More, Outside Auda Garden, Near Havmor, Qwitches Service lane, SG highway, Ahmedabad.

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5South 2 Mouth

Some of you might have seen a colourful rikshaw around HL; that’ dear foodies is South 2 Mouth. Have you ever heard of cup idlis, taco dosas or nachos dosa? Probably not, out here, you can not only try these insane combinations, we guarantee you will come back for more. It’s South Indian cuisine with a twist. Their dips and chutneys are extremely innovative too. It’s a must try!

Address: Opposite HL Commerce College, Besides HL College Bus Stand, Narangpura, Ahmedabad.

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6Apna Adda

A must try for the mouth watering barbeque items. Started by a bunch of HL students, the place offers some of the best frankies, rolls, hot and cold beverages. They even have drool worthy barbeque items on their menu that you must try. Go for their Chatpata Masala Khichiya, Tandoori Paneer Platter, Barbeque rolls and peach coffee.

Address: HL College, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

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7Riddhi Siddhi Misal Paav

This is a love song for every Mumbaikar who has settled in Ahmedabad. Try the misal paav here and we promise you will start loving Ahmedabad for this. The wagon is started by a Maharashtrian guy. They are authentic and will give you the authentic Mumbai tikhawala Misal Paav feeling. Try his kulchas as well. Divine!

Address: Opp Sheth Motors, Prahaladnagar Garden Road, On The way towards the garden road from Venus Atlantis, look to the left.

8Jamnagari Ghughara

If you are a Gujarati, we know that you are drooling already! Move over sweet ghugharas, Ahmedabad now has its own authentic Jamnagari tikkha and chatakedaar Ghugharas to savour. Crispy, loaded with mashed potato filling, topped with two types of chutneys and spicy peanuts. What more does the tongue’s heart desire?

Address: Opp Neelam’s Lutf Restaurant, Off University Road, Navrangpura.

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9Busker’s Corner

Every meal should end with a dessert and we cannot recommend a better place than this to start off. This is the heaven of crepes and pancakes. The guy has very limited items on his menu. But oh boy! From chocolate to nutella pancakes, it’s a sinful bliss! We cannot recommend one item here. You have to try all to satiate your sweet tooth. This is a piece of divinity on a plate.

Address: Opp IIM, look for a small stall named Busker’s Corner.

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10Ice Cream Buggy

This one is rapidly gaining popularity among Amdavadis. This is the new ‘it’ place for ice-creams today. The bright, “cool” Nano serves some of the most amazing ice-cream flavours you will ever taste. You can make your own sundae; they have waffle bowls and flavours that will spoil you for choice. Their Forest Fire ice cream is a must try; loaded with black forest pastry, vanilla ice cream, nuts, hot chocolate sauce; it’s what food dreams are made up of.

Address: Ice-cream Buggy, Near Alpha One Mall, Opp Blue Oven, Vastrapur Lake, Ahmedabad.

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11Shankar Ice Cream

Demand fresh and authentic ice-cream and Shankar ice-cream is the answer. Operating from a laari since 1951, these guys do not use any essence or added flavour to the ice-cream. They store fresh fruits and use them for ice-cream all the year. Fresh Jambu, roasted almond, fresh Sitafal, walnut etc. this place has ice cream flavours that you cannot imagine. Go there once and you won’t ever like ice-creams from other places; we guarantee that!

Address: Shankar Ice Cream, Opp CiTi Bank, Law Garden Khau Gali, Ahmedabad.

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We hope this information on Ahmedabad food wagons was worth it.

Get on your bike and start food hopping now!

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