I Asked, Why You Are letting Your Child To beg? I Was Moved By Her Reply

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We interact with so many people in our day to day life and sometimeswe see the real inspiration as well around us.

I found my inspiration a day when I was eating something while returning from my work with one of my friends. Suddenly I saw a small kid came to me and ask for food, not money. I asked the shopkeeper to give some food to him. He was too happy and even thanks to me. I wasglad too. I wanted to see his happiness and capture his smile.

I was watching him, for his next action. I got surprised when I saw him that he straight away went to his mother and gave all food to her.

I was little upset how a woman can use a little kid just to beg some food.

They were very near to me, so I couldn’t stop myself and went to her and asked why she did that. Why she used his child for begging food.

After hearing the reply from the lady, I was forced to write. She said I don’t want to use my children for this purpose. I am unwell and no one is ready to help us. She told me since morning she was begging for help but nobody was ready to help them. Most of the time she was ignored and denied for help.
have seen one baby was with her. It was a baby girl. The lady was so weak she couldn’t feed her baby. And people like us were thinking she was making a drama. The little baby was crying and anyone can understand her condition.

gave food to her, she ate the food. She was very happy. Tears were rolling out of her eyes. She blessed me a lot. I remembered her words till today. Do we really need more than the blessing of someone? If god has made us capable to help someone why we hesitate when someone really needs.

We always think that if a beggar is begging with us, it’s a drama. But in some cases their circumstances forces them to do it.

I called one NGO then and told them the whole story. The reply was shocking for me. The lady with whom I was interacting, she said ma’am, we can’t help them as it is not in their policy to help like this.
It was so disgusting and disturbing. We do protest, candle march, argument on TV shows. But when it comes to show our values. We do nothing.

That day I felt we don’t care about money and expenses when it comes to our luxury. But when it comes to helping someone we usually thinks he or she is making a drama or our policies, society comes in picture. Helping someone will not harm at least.

I hate this. When we can’t understand the importance of the issues, we have no right to talk so much.

My request to all please helps needy people as much as possible. Though our NGO’s, government does much for them. It’s still our duty as well to support someone if he or she really needs; it will give you an inner strength and motivation to find the real reasons of life.

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