[Watch] Disturbing Footage Of A Toddler Being Used As Faith Healer

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In this video, a 2 year and 10 months old toddler is used as someone who can drive out an evil spirit. The child name is Katelyn Christabel and she even has her own Facebook page having more than a lakh followers which potrays her as someone who has god’s power.

This is happening in Chennai and the person who is doing all this to fool gullible people is Paul Dawson.

The Logical Indian requests everyone to ensure that such cheats are not allowed to flourish any more! The aim of this post is to spread awareness against fraudsters and pretentious faith healers, irrespective of any religion. Unfortunately, even today, after so much scientific advancement and spread of education, our people continue to be fooled so easily by these fraudsters.

We also appeal to authority to take action against Paul Dawson and child is taken away from him and taken care of.

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