Non-Vegetarian Paradise in Ahmedabad, No Kidding , No Alcohol !

Most people have the notion that one probably won’t find lip smacking non vegetarian food in the city of Ahmedabad without burning a hole in their pocket. Only an offbeat Ahmedabadi will know how untrue that is and will guide you to one of these places for sure!
This is a list of four places that will make you salivate for sure. Make sure you put them on your check list. If you’re the kind of foodie who enjoys good quality, a full tummy and yet expects a small sum on the bill, then head towards these joints as soon as you can!

1. La Bella

Picture Courtesy: Shiamak Unwalla
La Bella is run by Mrs. Mary Lobo, a Goan Lady who likes feeding people meals that are just like home cooked food, just far better tasting. Running and basking in its sublime glory since 1961, this restaurant has the kind of charm that is appealing to die-hard food lovers.
Must Try: Mutton Chilly Fry
Where: Bheind Preyas High School, Khanpur, Bhadra, Ahmedabad
Cost for two: Rs. 100 approximately

2. Amdos Kitchen

This place is owned and managed by Mr. Amdo. It is a small and modest traditional setting with its roots based in Tibet. Though this eatery gives you very few options, everything on the menu is just enough for a quick bite or snack.
Must Try: Shapthak, Momos
Where: Near Bhagtacharya Road, Kocharab, Paldi, Ahmedabad
Cost for two: Rs. 300 approximately

3. Bhatiyar Gali

Paradise for meat lovers, this lane is the solution to a non vegetarian’s cravings. Piping hot, straight out of the tandoor, this lane specializes for not only succulent kebabs but also for the amazing chutney that is to die for along with a squirt of lemon and a slice of onion!
Must Try: Any type of kebabs, tandoor made delicacies, fish fry or tawa dishes
Where: Located near Teen Darwaza, Ahmedabad
Cost for two: Rs. 200 approximately

4. Chef’s Pizza

This must visit pizza place in the city is the brain child of Mr. Kamil Saiyed. With several attempts to start a pizzeria of his own, this one has been a hit with the locals for its Indianized flavours.
Where: Beside Kalapi Restaurant, Advance Cinema Road, Bhadra, Ahmedabad
Cost for two: Rs. 500 approximately
Make a list and hog like a true food lover, because that’s what a palette is for!

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