You Must Know Dressing Tips for Navratri

Are you looking for some dressing tips for navratri festival? Do you want to be able to enjoy the festival to the most while fetching lots of compliments on how you look?
Navratri is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. This nine day festival is celebrated with great pomp and show with special dandiya nights and celebrations all around the country. And it is your right to think about looking gorgeous. Here are some dressing tips for Navratri that can help!
  1. Go for bright colors: Festivals are always about celebration and being cheerful. On such an occasion, wearing dull colors just don’t work. Why do you think Indians don’t prefer black during auspicious occasions? It is not just about the superstitions. It is about the kind of emotions a color express. Bright colors express joy and that’s what you should be expressing during this Navratri. ghagra for dandiya buy online
  2. Go traditional: Festivals bring the time where you can flaunt the richness of your culture to the fullest. Wearing a traditional ghagra choli would make you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we suggest you to go completely traditional and enjoy the festival.
  3. Go light on makeup: The biggest part of navratri is the dandiya nights which often involve lots of dancing and moving around. Dancing means workout and that means sweat. And if you’re wearing a lot of makeup, it would lead to crackdown of the pile of makeup in form of ugly cakes and that is so yuck! Don’t let that happen. Go as light on makeup as possible.
  4. Go for flats, no heels: It is obvious that if you would need to move around a lot or dance, you must not be wearing those painful, harmful and uncomfortable heels. Wear traditional juttis that are comfortable enough for dancing. lehenga for dandiya night
  5. Pin up the dress well: This is again an important part of dressing tips for navratri. Whatever you wear – traditional or western, make sure you pin it up well to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. In lots of dancing and chattering, you cannot just spend your attention on your clothes. So, prepare in advance.
  6. Make yourself feel comfortable: It is very important for you to feel comfortable in your clothes in order to enjoy the festival to its fullest. If you don’t feel comfortable you would end up missing all the fun just because a wrong choice of dress and fashion advisor.
  7. Go for heavy accessories: Heavy Indian traditional accessories look super cool during festivals like navratri. Again, be careful. You don’t want to go so heavy with accessories that you’re barely able to move. Wear the amount you think you can handle easily. 10 Dressing tips for Navratri ||
  8. Use waterproof makeup: Even if you go light on makeup, there are high chances for you to sweat and cause a threat to your pleasing appearance. Waterproof makeup would avoid those ugly smudges that can happen due to sweat.
  9. Keep your hair tied: Don’t think of leaving your hair open. Open hair hairstyles are a recipe of disaster especially during dandiya night. They’re very unmanageable while you dance. So, better go for a good bun or a braid. Both look superb on Indian outfits.  ghagra choli for navratri
  10. Go for breathable fabric: Last but not the least, make sure you wear a comfortable fabric that lets your skin breathe. Cotton is your best bet. Never go for heavy synthetic fabrics.
These 10 dressing tips for navratri would not only help you look better but also help you enjoy the festival in a better way. Happy navratri!

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