Top 10 Best Valentine's Day Surprise Gifts For Your Valentine This Year That No One Can Beat!

Valentine’s Day is a special one. No matter how much we try and avoid it or actively diss it, somewhere deep down, we all wish for a lovely Valentine. And for those of us who already have that special someone in our life, Valentine’s Day is a day of infinite possibilities. It’s a day we get to make our lovely lady laugh, giggle and smile. It’s a day to make her feel extra special.
Most of us would choose to buy a few roses and a pack of chocolates and that would be fine. You can’t go wrong with the classics. However, maybe you’re one of those who’d like to make it even more memorable. Maybe you aim for this to be one of the best days of your lovely lady’s life. Well, in that case, here are a few suggestions.

Here are 10 gifts you could get for your Valentine this year which nobody could beat:

1. Get her tickets to a play, preferably a romantic classic

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The sheer intensity of romance in one of these plays, especially when watching it live, is like nothing else you’ve seen.

2. Build a customised crossword puzzle for her to solve

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Make sure the clues are certain memorable moments from your relationship. She’ll definitely love you even more for it.

3. Write her a poem and give it to her etched onto a beautiful scroll in a bottle

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No one thinks of this anymore because it takes some amout of effort. But hey, no one said it would be easy.

4. Call up a radio station and ask them to convey your wishes

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This may have been really cheesy in the 90s but in today’s day and age, a radio announcement will have a truly unique vibe to it.

5. Find the recipe for her favourite dish, and cook for her yourself

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Trust me, cooking for your special someone will earn you brownie points.

6. Dare her to wear ‘Pink’ and she’ll be in for a BIG surprise by Dabur Gulabri. Watch how!

And, if you want to surprise your valentine with a special Dabur Gulabri hamper, tag your partner/ friend who is “#PrettyAsRose” and dedicate a song that appreciates their beauty using ‘#PrettyAsRose’ in the comments section RIGHT HERE!

5 winners to be announced and given Gulabari gift hampers. HURRAY!

7. Get her tickets to see her favourite artist in concert

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You may not get to take her on the day itself, but present her the tickets on your date and watch her smile the brightest.

8. Take her on a romantic couples spa day

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Both of you will feel supremely relaxed. Thank me later.

9. Design a customised list of her favourite movies and have a movie marathon

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Get a whole bunch of her favourite snacks, maybe some wine and lounge through the night with you lovely lady.
So what are you waiting for? Make this valentine #PrettyAsRose for your valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day! 😍

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