Raped By 30 Men, Sold More Than 8 Times, This 22-Year-Old Has A Heart-Wrenching Tale Which Will Make You Question The System

Ten years back, she went missing from her home. Her family’s incessant search for her proved to be futile and after a long time, they gave up. They even performed religious rites for their daughter believing she was dead.

Until a few days back, when her mother could barely believe her eyes. Standing in front of her, was now the 22-year-old daughter who was abducted 10 years back.

The train ticket that brought the woman back to Delhi | Source: The Indian Express

But little did they know that their joy was short-lived.

Her daughter told them that in last 10 years she was sold and raped by several men. “A woman and a man abducted me… they took me to Ambala and sold me to a man for Rs 30,000. Later, I was sold to another man for Rs 40,000… he and another man raped me. I tried to escape but they caught me… after that, I was raped by many more men, she said, per a report in The Indian Express.She also said she was “sold and re-sold” at least eight times, and raped by over 30 men.

In 2009, she was forced to marry a truck driver who died after two years. “My life became miserable after that. His family threw me out. I had to struggle for food and shelter. When I went to the police station to complain, his relatives claimed I was mentally ill.” she added.

For a long time, she didn’t have the courage to go back home, but a woman convinced her and she boarded a train back to Delhi.

The girl’s mother is resolute to bring her daughter to justice and the police have decided to reopen the case after long 10 years.

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