Way back in 2012, then Chief Minister Narendra Modi opened a part of the Sabarmati riverfront to the public. In the years that followed, the riverfront has steadily moved on to become an integral part of Ahmedabad's identity. At intervals, attractions continue to be added to it. The riverfront has something for both, the class and the mass. Besides having specific spots to host events for restricted groups as well as general public, it also offers space for routine activities like morning and evening walks, cycling or catching up with friends. This year, the Kankaria Carnival was extended to the riverfront as well.

Flower Garden, Ellisbridge

Built at a cost of Rs 18.75 crore and spread over an area of 45,000 sq m, the garden hosts 330 exotic and native flower species. It was inaugurated in January this year. The park is open for visitors from 9am to 10pm. Entry tickets are priced at Rs 20 for adults, Rs 10 senior citizens, Rs 10 for children and Re 1 for students. The entry garden, free entry area, flower valley, lake area, liner garden, pavilion garden, rose garden, color leaf garden, fragrance garden, cactus garden, showcase garden, conservatory, triangular park and children play area are other highlights of this place. This year, so far, it has had 1,52,918 visitors, fetching it Rs 27,92,712.
Flower Show

The sixth edition of the flower show begins today and will continue till January 9. Last year, it received an approximate footfall of 20 lakh. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation authorities are confident that the figure will go up this year, as the 11-day duration of the show includes two weekends.

Riverfront Park, Usmanpura

If one goes by the round-the-year figures, this one takes the cake. Located on Ashram Road, it has quite a few colleges in its vicinity. This makes it an attractive hangout place for college-goers. The free entry adds to its attraction. At no hour of day can one find the park empty. This year, it saw footfall of 10 lakh.

Zipline, Sardar Bridge

The zip line, inaugurated in 2015, allows a person to travel across the 350-metre width of the Sabarmati river at a height of around 20 metres. With the ticket priced at Rs 200 per person, the activity has not found many coming forward for it. This year, till December 27, as many as 5,577 enthusiasts used the zipline, adding Rs 11,15,400 to AMC's kitty.

Riverfront Park, Subhash Bridge

Built at a cost of Rs16.60 crore, this park was inaugurated in 2013. It is the ideal place for an outing with family. Children love the sprawl and the designated play areas. Elders find the ambience relaxing. On the opposite bank of the river is the Sabarmati Ashram. Entry ticket is priced at Rs 5 for children and senior citizens, Rs 10 for adults and Re 1 for students. The park, spread over an area of 60,000 sq m, has of a lotus lake, amphitheatre, step-well and a twokm long walkway. This year, it saw footfall of 5.81 lakh visitors, earning Rs 54,92,342.

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